Fashion Illustration


I have always loved fashion illustration and haute couture. I was obsessed with reading Vogue, Harpers and Vanity Fair when growing up and had ideas about going into Fashion Design. That didn’t happen and I also realised being a fashion illustrator meant to stay on top of all the trends etc which I didn’t have the interest or capacity to do. I do however love the classics and Haute Couture and was delighted to participate in Kerrie Hess’s Painting Masterclass in 2019 and I continue to dabble in Fashion paintings and drawings now. The techniques I learned translate to my other art as well.


Below is a selection from the challenge I set myself of posting my progress regularly on Instagram. This was an extension of the 100 Dresses Challenge I set myself in 2018, where I posted a different dress I’d drawn on Instagram daily for 100 days. I’ve included Dress number 100 below.


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