About Me…


I’ve been a “secret artist” for most of my life.

When I was little I drew all the time – mainly dresses, hairstyles, flowers and houses. I’ve given my Mum handmade Mother’s Day and birthday cards every year for the past 30+ years, mainly decorated with flowers and swirls.

I grew up and became an accountant and my art got buried beneath a pile of ‘adult responsibility’.

I started a hand lettering passion project in 2016 and from there my love of being an artist really blossomed! I created a piece called ‘Happy’ (below) and posted it on Facebook and got many likes and compliments which really gave me the confidence to share more of my work.

I applied to be an artist in my home town’s Art Trail in 2017 and was accepted! I was paired with a local fashion boutique who hosted my artwork and I had two pieces on display in the Library. It was a great experience to be involved with. I have since participated in another Art Trail and School’s art project where I worked with Junior School pupils to create a piece of artwork which was displayed in the town.

About my art, whether it is a word or a picture that I have created, my audience delights in the fact that an ordinary item has been created using an intricate pattern. They find something different in the details when they look at it and appreciate the effort that has gone into the creation. If it is a word, especially a motivational one, they may resonate with the meaning and this may elicit an emotional response. At the basic level, my art appeals to those who like lovely things like I do. I am creating artwork that I love!

The pictures below are (left to right): Me!; my Art Desk and my Art Studio Doorway inspired by Peggy Porschen. The ‘Happy’ is the drawing that kicked off my Art Reboot!

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