Beyond Lettering


I have so many ideas and styles of different art that I want to produce, however, I recognise that it is important to develop my style and really get good at ‘one thing’. The more I focus and practice a particular style, the better I must become at it. I think I should consider beyond just ‘style’ and technique though. My favourite medium and materials are pen and ink and I have introduced some watercolour brush pens to the mix. I was apprehensive at first but actually the watercolour brush pens are similar to the ink pens I use, it’s just that they are watercolour paint rather than lightfast ink.

I personally am going to focus on my intricate floral patterns and designs, using the materials mentioned above. I love lettering but also creating pictures using my signature floral style.

I have a list of words and pictures I am going to illustrate. Here are some examples of works already created.

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