Inspired by Jane Austen


I love reading and two of my favourite classic books are Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. I’m pretty sure that I did a ‘Compare and Contrast’ essay on these two books at school.

I knew I wanted to create some artwork inspired by Jane Austen but I didn’t want to just letter the titles in my floral style. I therefore thought to create a poster using digital type for the titles and draw a fancy ampersand. I also wanted to put in a famous quote (or part of a quote – that was an artistic flourish…). I also didn’t want it to be too precises. Although I calculate and measure when I am creating a piece of lettering artwork, I do have some rough and wild aspects to the art that I wanted to retain with this poster set – that’s why there is overlapping and an off centre feel.

In terms of colour schemes, the pinky rose is take from the flowers in the amersand and the blue is a regency inspired colour (I Googled for research!).


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